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Travelling to Cape Town has opened my mind to the different cultures and diversity the city has. I have noticed that it’s not only South African citizens who are based in Cape Town, but the city also has a lot of foreign people who have chosen to settle  there, making the place more interesting.

Disclaimer – this is not even the full tour for Cape Town tourism, but I managed to have fun at the few places I have visited there. In all these places, we were greeted with a warm smile and friendly services, which I really like because let’s be honest, we all like great service. Cape Town has been my favourite travel destination; I love the scenery in every corner of the place. I love the view of the table mountain in our morning drive.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

My first Cape Town destination was Kirstenbosch. It’s a huge botanical garden with over thousands of different plant species. Kirstenbosch botanical garden provided us with a free tour guide, our tour guide was a friendly lady who was quite informative; enlightening us about all the relevant things we needed to about the place. We even got a chance to touch and smell some of the plants, whose scent was just amazing! We saw different varieties of trees, from medicinal to fragrance plants. The best thing about Kirstenbosch botanical garden is how it’s surrounded by huge mountains; the deeper you go inside the garden, the higher you reach the mountains. There is also some car cart for people who are not capable of doing the hike, the garden also provides some restrooms on the way, some beautiful snake-shaped bridge and also some beautiful restaurant inside the garden

Groot Constantia Wine Estate

Groot Constantia Wine Estate

Our next tour in Cape Town was Groot Constantia Wine Estate. Ok, I love my glass of wine just once in a while so it was really important for me to know the process of winemaking. When you arrived in Groot Constantia Wine Estate, the place is surrounded by beautiful wine farms. It has beautiful white wine houses and also a nice museum about wine history. We had a friendly tour guide who showed us the process of making red and white wine. The place also boasts of a museum and this is where we got a chance to taste 8 different types of wine. The whole experience was amazing, we got to make friends from Holland and Austral. Groot Constantia Wine Estate also has a nice restaurant where you can taste some of their amazing wines.

Hout Bay

Hout Bay

The third stop of the tour was Hout Bay. I visited Marine’s Wharf for their seafood experience. They have the freshest seafood. The Fishermen delivering fresh seafood straight from the sea. My favourite was the craps, Calamari, Hoek and Hake. The boat tour was quite an amazing experience for us, seeing how the fishermen spend most of their time. The town reminds me of a movie scene with their classic old flats and the fresh breeze of the sea.

Camps Bay

Camps Bay

The fourth place to visit was Camps Bay which is known for its fine and nice place with rocks, swimming pools and views of beautiful mountains which I really liked. Behind the beach are restaurants, posh seafood, mellow cafes and cocktail bars where all the beautiful people go to enjoy the stunning views, cocktails and delicious meal admiring the beautiful sunsets. I will certainly remember my experience at Camps Bay, with its large type of guest houses, hotels, bed and breakfasts and self-catering options, making it ‘the place’ not to miss when one visits  Cape Town.

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  1. Once again, these are the types of articles i would like to be reading this 2019. Full of inspiration and motivation.
    Please don’t forget to take me next time you go there….

    1. Hi Didier, thank you for reading. Don’t worry I have valuable information on the post about the places to see

  2. Those pictures 😍 you should consider a purely visual blog of your adventures. Lovely piece.

    1. Thank you Gape. I will consider that. Much love

  3. This is great i am going to take note of all those places and make sure i visit them as well.
    I can see you had a wonderful time there J.

    1. @Sabrina, Yes I had an amazing time. Yes, you should go. it’s amazing

  4. When you open a travel brochure about Cape Town the only amenities that they send you to are the V&A Waterfront and Table Mountain. But there’s so much more to the Mother City. Thanks for this!

    1. @Ntokozo, that is so true. I wanted to show other different activities you can do in Cape Town.

  5. Tanaka Elsie|

    Such an amazing and insightful post about Capetown. I have never been there myself but I feel like i was there with you and your friends. Now i’m so motivated to make sure its one of my holiday destinations for the year!

    1. @Tanaka, yes it’s such a beautiful place with beautiful scenery. Believe me you won’t regret it. Much love

  6. Alain Baks|

    This article is so nice Nomusa.
    Travelling is one of my passion and you just ignite my motivation about visiting Cape Town.
    I will be taking good note of all these beautiful places.
    Keep going Nomusa, I can’t wait for your next article…Much Love !!!

    1. Thank you so much Alain, yes you should try them out. The experience is worth it.

  7. Linda Malaza|

    Excellent piece indeed. You have just given me a perfect idea of my next holiday destination.

    1. @Linda, You should try it out. It is really nice.

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