The Best Fall-Winter Make Up Products 2018


Winter is here meaning there’s going to be gusts of wind hitting us left, right and centre; drying our skin out! Regardless of how much of warm clothes we put on, it’s not as easy to protect the face from the harsh windy conditions. The winter condition, even make it more difficult to cover up rough and dry skin.

Black Mask Peel

The current world we live in now demands more than what our lifestyles can offer. Some of us spend most of the hours of our days in front of the computer, some spend them travelling and some running their errands. At the end of the day, our oily skin picks up dirt particles which may also lead to blackheads.

This is where the black mask comes in. Below is a deep cleaning peel-off mask that will do justice to skin, remove the unwanted blackheads and any dead cells that make your skin dull.

Black Mask

The Best Make Up Remover Wipes

Let’s be honest, make- up remover wipes, also known as facial wipes have made life a whole lot easier for us. They remove every trace of oil or sticky sweat, makeup smudges, or dirt with just a simple swipe.

They are really convenient for me especially when I’ve had one of those long days. However, there are different types of facial wipes for different skin types. So, always make sure that you buy the ones that will compliment your skin type.

Magnolia Tissue Oil for Face

When it comes to health and beauty, avoiding a dry skin is one of the most prominent things you have to do, especially in winter. To keep my skin moisturised, I use the Magnolia Tissue oil.

What I love about this one is that it’s light, not too thick. This makes it easier to easily get absorbed by the skin immediately after applying it. It has a beautiful feel and it comes in different flavours too such as Cocoa butter, lavender and much more.

Wipes, mask and tissues oil

M.A.C Studio fix fluid SPF 15

For a glowing and healthy looking skin this winter, M.A.C Studio fix fluid SPF 15 is the right foundation for you. This long-lasting foundation will definitely assist you in reducing the appearance of imperfections and pores, giving your skin a glowing a flawless look!

M.A.C Mineralize Skin Finish Natural Shades for Winter

Now this is one of those makeup beauty powders you want to keep in your purse. The Mineralise Skin Finish powder from M.A.C does quite a few things on our skins such as equalising your skin tone, bronzing, reducing oiliness and setting the foundation. What I love about this powder is that it lets me breathe, its not heavy on the skin.

MAC mineralizer

Even Out Your Skin Tone – NYX Conceal, Correct, Contour

This is one of the most important product for your healthy and glowing skin this winter. It works well with many skin types and is available in different shades. I use it as a concealer, to even out my skin-tone as well as correcting dark spots.

NYX conceal- correct-contour

The Best Drugstore Contour For Fair Skin

I use the Drugstore Contour palette to define or restructure certain areas of my face such as the nose, the chin, the cheekbones and the forehead.

Drug store contour kit

NYX Highlighting Palette

NYX highlighting palette gives you that extra natural glow.

NYX Highlighting palette

Yardley Liquid Matte

Finally, give your make up that extra pop on the lips. You can use Yardley’ s long-lasting Liquid Matte for a high definition lip colour!

Yardley liquid matte

There are a lot of best fall-makeup that people use daily. I would love to hear from how do you create a glow during winter time. If you have any suggestions that you would like me to try out, please leave a comment below. Much Love.

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  1. Tshepiso|

    Hey hun these tip have been useful, such a lovely read. Please also include the price of the products and where you got them so we can also go shopping to get glowing skin. XOXO

    1. By Nomusa|

      Hi @Tshepiso,

      I will try and do that dear. I Will have to check for the best deal for my audience. Thank You so much. Much love ?❤

  2. Makeup is not a mask that covers up your beauty as other say; after years I came to understand and you’ve made me understand that it’s a weapon that helps you express who you are from the inside.

    Keep on doing what you are doing cause you are good at it, just like a BOSS !!! 🙂 🙂

    1. By Nomusa|

      Wow @Alain this is such a beautiful message and thank you for understanding us women. You making our lives easier.
      Much love ?❤

      1. ❤️

  3. busisiwe mabuza|

    wow, now I am interested in the Mac powder, for so long I have been using compact. I will definitely try it. recently I have discovered Tea Tree Oil, it works perfectly for restoring the skin after a long day with makeup.

    1. By Nomusa|

      Hi @Busisiwe yes you should try it, it so light on your skin. I have never tried the Tea Tree Oil. Where can I get it if you don’t mind sharing?
      Much Love.

  4. Thanks, dear for these tips, i am sure it will help more than one person. Please tell me where i can get it so that i can surprise someone!!!

    1. By Nomusa|

      Hi Didier, please check the links on the post. Unless you want something I haven’t specify. Thank you for the support. ??

  5. Thanks for the wonderful tips.. I would like to know where you bought the black mask and how much it was. Thanks

    1. By Nomusa|

      Hi dear, thank you so much.I bought the black mask in Signature beauty shop (Witbank mall). They have different facial masks, you will love them. Much love.

  6. We stay inspired. I have very dry skin. So the tissue oil tip will definitely work for me. Thank you babe ❤️?. Keep them coming…..

    1. By Nomusa|

      Thank you @Lerato, yes tissue oil works a lot hey.

  7. Thank you Sisi for sharing so much info.

    1. By Nomusa|

      @Nompilo you welcome sisi. Im glad you liked it. Much love

  8. thanks for sharing such a nice article

    1. Thank you Sneha Singh for reading it.

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