Summer trend – the monochrome dress


Summer has finally arrived and I’ve always wanted to try monochrome dresses. A lot of people are shopping for summer style wear at this season. You all know I love mixing comfort and style; hence I chose the monochrome dress for my summer trend.

the monochrome dress

The material for the dress is too light,  making it perfect for the summer weather. The dress is flexible for your personal style, you can make it a work wardrobe or your weekend wardrobe. The patterns are good as they make you look slimmer, which is really good for plus-size bodies. You do not have to go through the hassle of dressing up with the monochrome dress. Good quality clothes are a necessity for me, I want a style that is minimalist and timeless. The monochrome dress has both style and quality.

the monochrome dresses - Summer trend

Tips to style the monochrome dress

  • Use minimalist Jewellery
  • Wear plain sandals for a perfect weekend day outing
  • Wear monochrome heels for a night evening preferable dinner
  • When choosing a bracelet, use a silver color for a minimalist style
  • You can dress it up with a huge black belt
  • Style it with a black leather bag

Summer trend – the monochrome dresses

You can add your monochrome dress to your summer trend and update your personal style. This dress is a must-have. I love the high neck and the length of the dress. So simple, minimalist and classy.

summer dresses

Outfit details :

  • Dress: Woolworths
  • Jewellery: Stylist’s own accessory
  • Shoes: Makro Clothing


Note: I always buy clothes at any shop, it does not matter whether it’s a known brand or not. The point is to always be able to style your clothes, whether they are from high brands or affordable brands. Create your own unique style and enjoy styling your summer dresses.


If you going to recreate your own summer monochrome dress, please let me know how you styled it. I enjoy giving away fashionable tips because the better you look, the more confident you feel.

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  1. Thanks Nomusa for this beautiful fashion advices. From now on you will be my fashion advisors as am planing of redoing my own style. Can’t wait for next article #muchlove.

    1. Hi Alain, you must create your own style by following what feels true to you. I would love to give you tips about creating your personal style. Thank you for your support.

  2. Linda Malaza|

    Wonderful article my sister. Originality is the thread I’m picking up in this fashion advise. Well done.

    1. Thank you @Linda Malaza. I really appreciate that. Much love.

  3. Ziphozamangwe|

    Hi NOMUSA the style is perfect for specially us thick woman, it’s simple yet elegant and classy to wear, thanks for the fashion tips..Will definitely try new styles with the one’s I have..

    1. @Zama yes, the whole point of minimalist style is to make it work | co-ordinate with the clothes you already have. Thank you dear for the support. Much love

  4. Hi nomusa
    Looking beautiful
    Thanks for the tips will try it definitely

    1. Hi Katucia, thank you so much for your support dear

  5. Ndashe Nomvuselelo Precious|

    Wow this is amazing stuff
    In this hot weather definitely I’m going to take your advise.
    Keep up the good work Cuz

    1. Thank you so much Cuz for the support. Much love

  6. Amazing as usual. Interesting to learn about the monochrome dress. It really suits you. I always see you rocking different ones at work and they all look stunning. Simplicity is always the best. So inspiring. Im also mad about the Sandals, you know me and Sandals lol. Thanks for letting me know where to shop for them. Keep up the fashion and mostly continue being yourself. There is nothing more authentic than self.

    1. Yes, I fell in love with it and now I can dress it fancy or just let my hair down. Thank you for the love

  7. I’m not a dress type of girl so I love this cuz I actually want a summer dress. Saves me the trou le of figuring out what to do lol thank you for this!

    1. @Gape yes dear, you can also dress your dress with a belt just to show your figure.

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