Recovering From Depression

Recovering From Depression

I remember when I was so fed up about the emotions I was feeling and I was just tired of being a slave towards my feelings. I wanted to escape from my body, I wanted peace, I wanted validation and wanted to have a break from life. As much as I have moved passed the depressed stage, I know and understand the radical impact it has on the human mind. That is why I want to share some of the tips and tools I used to help me cope with  depression. Firstly let me say you do not completely heal from depression, you get tools to help you cope with the triggers and the thoughts when depression resurface. Depression is mostly the battle of the thoughts in your mind. I can tell you that I still deal with some of the thought up until this day, I now have the tools to help me not to fall back to depression.

Before pictures: My battle with depression

Recovering from depressionRecovering from depression

Recovering from depression is not an easy journey as it challenges the thoughts you have about yourself. It is hard to change your thoughts about how you see yourself in an instant. The process takes time and it is worth it. During the recovering stage, you have to understand that you are human and you make mistakes, you are not perfect so don’t be too hard on yourself.

Recovering from depression tools and tips that helped me:

  • Get professional help – people who are trained to deal with such issues and understand what you facing.
  • Get a support system – whether is an online support or local community support (preferably)
  • Do not spend a lot of time alone – you activating your thoughts to take over
  • Join a club, favorite sport or gym – focus your energy on other things
  • Catch up with your friends  – go out for lunch, coffee or dinner (do not drinking alcohol since it will easily trigger your emotions)
  • Try to have enough sleep – you can see a professional to help you with sleeping tips or medication
  • Practice meditation – learn to control your thoughts, master your mind not the other way
  • Pray, pray and pray more – build a relationship with God.
  • Travel – You can travel around your country and explorer different environments or travel abroad and see the culture.
  • Create new hobbies – I started styling people and learning make-up tutorials.

I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason, I believe that our lives were written before we lived it. We need to let go of control, learn to trust the higher power for our lives, and don’t be hard on ourselves. Recovering from depression requires a lot of patients. You need to take time to get to know yourself, your triggers, your environment and the possible change of your lifestyle.

During My Recovering From Depression pictures

Recovering From DepressionRecovering From Depression

You are loved, you are never alone. When things get too hard, change your thoughts immediately, shout them out if you have to, scream and punch pillows until the thoughts leave your mind. You are loved.

I hope my post helps someone out there and if you know someone going through depression, refer them to the post about my battle with depression. Do not forget to comment below and let me know about your own experiences, give me other tools that helped you to deal with depression.

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  1. Depression can also move from parent to child,so it is best to know family background first so u can understand the root cause

    1. Exactly, I also believe it is best to understand your background and also your parents background. Break the circle now before it moves to your kids

  2. But then again old people can be so religious,asking your parents sometime you’ll come out with’its just the devil’…I believe in prayer 4 sure but before i pray i wanna know where this thing is coming from so i can uproot it once and for all.praying without know the cause its like cutting a tree not knowing that it will grow again as long as roots are intact and theres something watering it.

    1. That is so true, let me know about your conclusion when you find the root of the family. And how you planning on recovering from it besides prayer

  3. Tanaka Elsie.|

    I LOVE YOUR ARTICLE. Depression is something that is there and its real. Many at times people think when one says they have depression, all they want is attention. That’s not true, different situations may lead to one being depressed. It real and its happening!. Thank you so much for such articles…

    1. Yes dear, depression is real and it is not about sucking attention from people but i wish people can pay more attention to the seriousness of it. Much love

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