My Rebirth

My Rebirth – Life has been one interesting journey for me, especially when it comes to my spiritual growth and my worth. Fashion has always been my passion but there was a time where I would let my clothing define my self-worth.
As I go through my rebirth, I want to share my story with you friends.

My Rebirth

There was a time where I did not believe that I was pretty enough, smart enough and worth enough for people to actually accept me for me. When I look back at my fashion blog, I can see the pain, hurt, rejection, worthlessness in my clothing. I can see the scars behind the overexposed dresses, behind the short skirts, behind the extremely tight pants. I did not believe in my self-worth.

My Rebirth

I started a healing process (step by step) in my life where I decided to deal with the pain instead of burying it with a fake smile. In my process (day by day) I have noticed that I have portrayed an unauthentic (not real) me. I was not real with my readers. As I upgrade my blog I chose not to drop the old BlogSpot, it has been a huge learning curve for me and I want you to relate to where I come from. I want you to learn from my mistakes. I want you to be real with me as I am with you. I am falling in love with me and I hope you will fall in love with the real me. I want my fashion blog to inspire, to connect to people with real-life situations. I want to make a positive impact in your life. I want us to enjoy the journey together.

My Rebirth
I love that I am growing up and I have matured so much since my earlier blog. I love my new style because it matures with me. I love that I don’t have to expose most of my skin to be stylish. I love my body enough to respect it and feel comfortable in it. I treat myself like a queen I am.
I am looking forward to this new journey called life. I want you to be part of it as I grow and mature. I want you to mature with me and fall in love with the real me. I am in love with the real me.

My Rebirth


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  1. Wooow ntombazana imvelo yiyo le l see. Who said Fohloza ain’t beautiful. I luv e confidence, e style, simply but unique

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