Location shoot day

I love location shoot day, you get to experience different types of environment, the lighting is different and also the mood is different. We did our first shoot outside Midrand, South Africa. I love the whole bushy environment and the fact that I was able to pull it off at the end dispute the number of times I fell. That’s the risk you take when you doing a location shoot day. My friend JohnOsea Media who is a photographer was able to direct the fashion shoot in a way that I feel comfortable and I think that is why we got the best shots at the end.

Location shoot day


Our second location shoot day was in a studio. We wanted to test the black and white background to see which color to choose. We ended up loving both colors hence as you see with my pictures. When it comes to location shoot day you need to be open minded to different things around the creative side because you might miss out on the best opportunity while focusing on our narrow idea. That is why I love being a South African fashion blogger because of the diverse location we have.

Best Location shoot day

Fashion Location shoot day

Location shoot day fashion

Location shoot day By nomusa


Location shoot day Midrand

Location shoot day

Photographer: JohnOsea Media

Quote of the day: “Do not miss out on God, while focusing on other people”- I made that one up myself

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  1. Hi there!
    I love the creativeness that is there on your blog. Let alone how each picture and its fashion tells a story on its own! Im so hooked!! Loooove it! The stories are inspirational!
    Continue doing great!!!

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