Live in the moment.

Live in the moment

When you concentrate too much on the future, you end up forgetting to live in the moment. I remember last year (2016) I had so many plans and goals to reach, which is not bad as a young motivated person but I forgot to enjoy the present. I was too focused on the future. One of the best gift you can give yourself is the present moment, experience everything in this moment, whether good or bad. Every moment we are experiencing is where we suppose to be at the time. Do not escape the present. 

Live in the moment

Living in the past

The past can also hold you back, many of us love living in the past. Meditating things that had happened to us in our past and repeating every bad and hurtful memories in our minds. You cannot live in the past anymore. You have to let go of the past especially when it’s not a good memory. You have to teach your mind to live in the moment. The past has a negative hold on us and sometimes we let things that happened to us years ago to affect our present moments. We bring the hurt, bad experience, anger and mistrust in our current lives. It’s so hard to let it go and let down your guard, it’s so hard to start over again, but what I can assure you from my experience is that it’s all worth it. Let go of the bad experience from the past, learn to forgive, it’s never too late or too early. 

Live in the moment

Live an authentic life

To live in the present moment also helps you to live an authentic life because you are experiencing every moment, every emotion and every circumstance that you are dealt with at that current moment. Being authentic to yourself also helps you to make decisions wisely, with a clear mind because you aware of what’s going on in your life and you will make decision based on the truth you know. 

Live in the moment

Tools to train your mind

The are tools that I used to help me train my mind to live in the moment :

    1. Meditation: be still and know. With all our busy schedules and hectic lifestyle, we never take the time for ourselves just to be in the moment and shut our thoughts down. Learn to quiet your mind. Learn to control your thoughts. It won’t be easy for the first few days but the more you train your mind it’s the more it will get used to listen to what you say to it.
    1. The other hand tool: this is the tool I learned in therapy, when the past thoughts are trying to take over your life and you feel like you don’t have control over it, I will recommend this tool. Take a pen and paper, use your normal hand to write about what you feel at the moment or ask yourself why you feeling like that at the current moment. With your opposite hand that you normal don’t use to write with, answer all the questions that you asked with your normal hand. Be honest with yourself, you can even draw pictures or whatever that comes to your mind at that moment. Others write poems, lyrics and different materials to help them answer the questions. This tool is good to help address the issues you haven’t dealt with as a child. It helps you to go back to your childhood memories and address the root of the problem that is affecting you in your current life.
    1. Physical activities: when your thoughts are all over the place and you need to calm them down then physical activities is the way to go. You can jog, do yoga (recommended), play sport or join a gym and do things in groups. I love creating content for fashion blogs and coming up with ideas for my next wardrobe.  
  1. Social lifestyle: not every person can be social and it’s ok. We are different for a reason but if you can once in a while, meet up with new people, old friends and family, take a trip, visit an art museum, attend a fashion show, go to a concert and do things that makes you have fun. This will help you get your mind off things and live in the moment. 

Live in the moment

Live in the moment and experience everything that life has to offer. I would love to hear your stories about this articles, please don’t forget to share, comment and like. 

With care and love: by Nomusa 

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  1. wonderful motivational words from a young lady, the community need such people to tell them ways that are positive. Keep it up girl. And the outfit l like l like

    1. Thank you so much Pinky. I feel like we do lake people to share positive things I’m in this day and time. People wants positive things these days not problems.

  2. Keep those motivational pieces coming!

    1. Thank you Amanda, that is the whole purpose of this blog. To motivate and inspire people

  3. Tanaka Elsie.|

    We can’t get enough of the blog posts because of the impact they make on us!
    Each and every single one of them come with a different & meaningful angle. This is a great piece my dear!!!

    1. Thank you Tanaka. I’m glad I have an impact with pieces I write. That is the whole purpose of this blog. Much love dear and hope you keep inspired

  4. Miss Masina|

    Awesome one. keep up the great work.

    1. Thank you so much Rebecca and hope you learned something from it

  5. Alain Adambu|

    Life unfolds in the present and that’s where I want to live mine.
    so often, I let the present slip away, allowing time to rush past unobserved and unseized, and squandering the precious seconds of my life as I used to worry about the future and ruminate about what was past.

    Thanks Nomusa for the light that you have brought in my day. I’ve noticed that so many folks…(Including me) out there dwell on intrusive memories of the past or fret about what may or may not happen in the future all because of our monkey mind (sorry for that)…

    Thanks for your motivation Jab’s, you are a lifesaver 🙂

    1. Thank you at Alain for this beautiful message. We do not need to dwell on the past but we need to seize the moment we in right now. Much love and thank you for the support you keep showing me

  6. Go girl, small mind discuss the past, average mind discuss impossible future and great mind discuss LIVING IN THE MOMENT. Proud of you.

    1. Thank you so much Didier. Yes we need to shift our mindset on important stuff

  7. Living is the past is not good. Keep motivate us.

    1. Thank you Leonard, I will definitely do that

  8. Living is the past is not good. Keep motivating us.

  9. You are an inspiration Nomusa. We tend to forget to live a little sometimes. Yes, we must focus on the future but sometimes let’s focus on the present moment. Create memories with people. Go out and enjoy life.

    1. Yes Era and it’s not a bad thing to have goals and dreams but we tend to let that take over our mind set and we forget that life happens at the moment we in.

  10. Ska ba hemisa gal. Love the dress and the shoes. You beautiful inside out.

    Shoo where to start with your article. I am completely blown away at how you are so right about the living in the future and past problem that people are currently facing. Those 2 things are the biggest causes of depression and unnecessary pressure. I also tend to live in the past and think of all my failures and I get so conformed in those thoughts that I forget that the present me needs to overcome all the challenges I am facing at this present moment. It is extremely vital for us to live in the now because it is the only place that determines who your future self will be. Profoundly inspired.

    1. Wow Naledi, that’s really great. I am glad you were inspired by this article. Never let your past stop you from living in the moment. God forgives and loves each one of us. I believe it’s our thoughts that keeps us on our past mistakes. One of my favorite quotes is “Do not let your background put your back in the ground”

  11. Such a wonderfull article! It definitely gave some food for thought that I feel I need to start applying to my own life. Thank you for the motivation and inspiration that your writing has imparted on me.

    1. Thank you Kirsty, yes that is the reason behind the blog, to have an impact on people. Much love

  12. “The egoic mind imagines a problem, and then it imagines a solution. When we get caught up in these thoughts, we feel like we have a problem that has to be solved before we can be happy. But the problem is just imagined! When we drop out of involvement with these thoughts and into the simple experience of the present moment, we discover that everything is fine just the way it is. Life never had to be any different than it is, nor do we. We can be the “imperfect” human we are. In fact, we weren’t designed to be anything other than the human being that we are.”

    In simple focus on living fully in the present…

    1. Yes Lerato this is so beautiful, yes we do get caught in our thoughts most of the time and we end up believing the negative thoughts

  13. Thuba Mamba|

    Saw a post on your TL on Twitter, checked out your blog and I must say, you are doing an impressive job. Keep it going, you will touch more people.

    1. Thank you Thuba, that is my prayer to touch more people. Much love

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