How my fashion style evolved over the years


While I was going through my old pictures for my blog post research “how my fashion style evolved over the years” I could not stop laughing just of how I used to think, I was stylish and nobody could tell me anything about the latest fashion trends. I thought I knew everything about the latest fashion dresses, latest ladies fashion and everything that has to do about the latest fashion. Little did I know how my fashion style was about to evolve into the woman I am now.

How my fashion style evolved over the years

I remember when my friend gifted me with the above denim Jumpsuit. I used to check the trendy fashion shops online and  see what fashion bloggers were wearing at that year, 2012. I was still learning about the fashion world at that time and I made a lot of mistakes when it comes to the latest fashion trends for women especially in South Africa. A lot of South african fashion bloggers were in short dresses and short clothing items.

How my fashion style evolved over the years of fashion

Monochrome was the latest fashion trend in 2013. At that time my friend and I used to own the latest fashion clothes and shopping every week just to have the latest fashion style.

How my fashion style evolved over the years of style

I slowly started falling in love with black clothing in 2014, it did not matter if it was the dresses, pants or jumpsuits. I was all black at that time. I remember mom thought I was mourning for someone.

find style sense - How my fashion style evolved over the years

I went to stay home for 3 months after my tertiary years and my sister introduced me to bright colours, especially dresses. How my fashion style evolved over the years with her, she was always dress up into dresses and skirts. She never used to wear pants, only recently she started adding more variety to her fashion style.

How my fashion style evolved over the years of going out

2015 was the exploration year. I was done with tertiary and had my first job.That time I was playing around with different fashion styles. This was the year where I started feeling comfortable with my fashion clothes and I was doing my research about South african fashion trends. I was meeting different fashion influencers every time I was going out. I remember meeting according to Jerry for the first time and he had a unique fashion style and that really inspired by him.

How my fashion style evolved over the years: african style

year: 2015

Fashion personal style


building fashion style

Year :2016

My Battle With Depression

Year: 2016 Battling with depression

fashion style

Year: 2017 recovering from depression


Year 2018: I am a student of life, I never stop learning just because I feel like I am comfortable with my fashion style. I still want to push boundaries and learn more about the fashion industry. I don’t think a person can ever stop learning about clothing style as it keeps on evolving to something new.

Please share with me your stories on how your fashion style has evolved over the years . You can also post your before and after pictures of your fashion style. Much love.

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  1. Tanaka Elsie|

    Woooow this is the most interesting article iv read the entire month! I enjoyed every bit of it and walking through your fashion journey was quite fun and eye-opening at the same time. Keep shining girl, looking back it seems like fashion was made for you??

    1. By Nomusa|

      Thank you so much dear. I really loved fashion since I was younger and really want to make it my full time career soon

  2. Linda Malaza|

    Hey Nomusa. This article is by far one of your best. I have been around and have seen your fashion style evolve all these years, and I’m sure most ladies would find your story quiet relative. Great job my sis.

    1. By Nomusa|

      Hi @Linda thank you so much and I am glad you are the witness of my fashion style evolution.

  3. Busisiwe|

    Interested to know which sister u reffering to*.Its a good thing in life to always pause and reflect, acknowledging the past and participating the future. My still recently took a huge turn. One thing i enjoy is playing around with my clothes.

    1. By Nomusa|

      Hi @Busisiwe I’m referring to my stylish sister Ngetile. Yes yours did took a huge turn and im so proud of you. Much love

  4. Like Raph Lauren said, Fashion is not necessarily about label or brand, it about something else that comes from within and I believe you do have that thing inside you and don’t forget that the most important thing in a dress is the woman who’s wearing it. I know there is more to come from you and I can’t wait to see you reaching the top. Yep, yep!!!

    1. By Nomusa|

      @Alain thank you so much, I really appreciate that and yes you are right; the woman who wears the dress is the most beautiful.

  5. Fashion has a language in order to learn how to speak it you must have what it called a “Body”, believe me, you have what it requires to bring fashion to the highest level. Congrat for the article.

    1. By Nomusa|

      @Didier thank you so much for this lovely comment. I really appreciate it

  6. You’ve been slaying girl❤️

    1. By Nomusa|

      @Amanda yes girl. Only improving with time.

  7. Rebecca|

    You know what? You do know your story hey. Such is motivating. You’ve been through a lot. Thank you

    1. By Nomusa|

      @Rebecca thank you so much dear. I really appreciate it. Much love

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