Don’t think about the how

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This past month, I have been hearing the words “just do it and don’t think about the how”, I didn’t
get it at first until earlier this week. I have been putting off working on my blog for the past two
months. I would change different themes and add stuff I don’t need. I would make past deadlines of
posting and not feeling bad about it. My site has been under maintenance for the past two months. I
was thinking of the “how”. How was I going to do it, how was I going to change the layout, how was I
going to attract the right target audience.


Don’t think about the how
I woke up on Wednesday morning around 6:30 AM and I was going through my Instagram. I saw
Khloe Kardashian workout video on Instagram, during the video she was different workout outfits,
then changed to a red workout outfit, Nike outfit. All I saw was “JUST DO IT”

Don’t think about the how
Sometimes in life, we overthink so much about things then we end up not doing it. My mentor like
saying “don’t think about the how just think about the what”. Think about what do you want, what
makes you happy and what do you want to achieve. Don’t think about the how you will end up
over-analysing things, you will end up letting your thoughts get the best out of you. As a South
African fashion blogger.

“Thinking is good. Over-thinking can end things before they ever get the chance to develop”

Don’t think about the how

Don’t think about the how

Don’t think about the how

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  1. Alain Adambu Bakatubia|

    I like the motivation, the spirit behind everything that you are doing and I know there is a lot to come. keep doing what you do best …

    1. By Nomusa|

      Thank you for your support Mr Bakatubia, really appreciate it.

  2. Mrs didier|

    Your beautiful work is going to fill a large part of your life dear and the only way to do great work is to love what you do
    Love u sis

    1. By Nomusa|

      Thank you dear, really appreciate your support and hopefully you will enjoy the content of the blog and I hope it will inspire you

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