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Cooking With The Lazy Makoti

The venue was hosted at the food studio pick n pay by the Cnr Republic & William Nicol, Sandton. I had a great time cooking with The Lazy Makoti. It was the taste of Africa event. Cooking with The Lazy Makoti was a great experience for beginners and advanced cookers. The Lazy Makoti was so friendly and patient with everyone.


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The Lazy Makoti, a young and determined African lady who is so passionate about food and cooking. She hosts most of her students for cooking classes almost every week. You can find more details on her website.

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We were welcomed with a smooth glass of wine from Pick n Pay store, then introduced to the Lazy Makoti who was hosting us. The event was hosted in a nice, classy and upscale studio in Sandton. We got introduced to the starters which included Zimbabwe Mopani Worms and other African cuisines. We then had the opportunity to cook Jollof Rice and Chicken from Nigeria / Ghana which included Plantain, originated from Burkinaso Faso. I was reminded of the food I had on my Swaziland Easter holiday. The cooking ended up with a dessert named Banana Madazi originated from Kenya.

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Cooking with the lazy Makoti was a great experience and I learnt a lot about African cuisines. I loved the treatment I got as a first time visitor. The staff was so friendly and welcoming. They made sure everyone was enjoying the experience to the fullest.

For more details about Cooking With The Lazy Makoti, click here.

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18 thoughts on “Cooking With The Lazy Makoti

  1. Your article is so convincing and inspiring. You’re doing a great job girl, keep it up.
    Like your other articles on this blog, I definitely enjoyed reading this one to 🙂
    Super looooved it!

    1. Hi Erasmus please check more information on the page and you can contact them and find out more about their services.

  2. That was a great and amazing experience I guess. Now I know why your food taste so good 😊
    Personally, I believes that it’s important for our young sisters out there to practice more of kitchen than Makeup, Snapchat, Facebook or WhatsApp post … no offense!!!
    Please, we done with your Fast food, the real Ndota needs a real cooked meal. I nyamaaaa!!!

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