Before anything, put yourself first

Before anything, put yourself first - self love

In the spirit of self-improvement, we sometimes end up sacrificing ourselves in the process. In a world where they celebrate “hustling hard” we tend to forget about ourselves. So, before anything else, put yourself first. The most important gift you can give yourself is taking time for you and make yourself happy in the process.

Never feel guilty for putting yourself first

When we give too much time and energy to others, we end up running out of the energy juices. We have so many responsibilities these days such that we forget to pause, and put ourselves first. When we do, most of the time we feel guilty for the time we will be wasting pausing, we feel like we could be chasing something or hustling on our next “to-do list.”
Never feel guilty for putting yourself first, never let anyone makes you feel like you are not worth it. Believe me, your health, happiness and insanity depend on it.

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Be selfish with your time and space

Time is one of the important factors that we cannot just compromise with everyone we meet. Be very selfish with your time. Energy is really important when it comes to my space, I never allow myself to be wrapped around negative conversations that are not going to improve me at the end. I am very strategic when it comes to bringing people into my space and giving them my time. You do not owe people your time and space. Never feel like it’s a must to always be with people, to always show up even if you do not feel like it.

Learn to say no

Make your glass full and overflow before you start serving people. You cannot serve people from your glass; the overflowing is your service to people. You cannot pour from an empty cup. The “pleasing” disease, always taking extra responsibilities, pleasing your boss, pleasing your friends, pleasing your families, pleasing your colleagues just for validation or to be liked will never work when you are trying to put yourself first. Learn to say no to things you do not want to do, to things that do not serve you yourself first. Life is too short and very unpredictable, we do not need extra responsibilities or validation to prove ourselves.

Set your priorities straight

We cannot say yes to everything that life throws at you, we need to differentiate between what’s important and what is not. Anything that is not going to fulfil you should not even be on your to-do list. We must first analyse what is important in our lives before we make decisions that will affect us. Know what is a high priority in your life and what is it that you do not need. Anything that is going to bring you stress, unhappiness, guilt and regret should not be on your to-do list.

Be selfish with your time


Be still, pause and take time for yourself. This is one of the best ways you can put yourself first that will assist you to put yourself first. I love meditation when I need to be still and breathe. I get clarity in my thoughts and my priorities. Being busy does not equal success, sometimes we forget to relax and take stock of what appreciate we already have and what we have achieved so far. Most of us we push ourselves so hard to get the material possessions and we forget the quality and importance of breathing.


Before anything else, put yourself first, put your happiness first, your health first and what all that is really important to you. and never let anyone make you feel guilty by for being selfish with your time. You need to become a priority in your own life. Do all of this for yourself, live for yourself and honour yourself. Most importantly, never ever lose sight of that.

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  1. Linda Malaza|

    Beautiful advise sis. Thanks for sharing. No matter how great the responsibility or calling, at the top of it all we are the ones who must respond to that responsibility or answer that calling, so if we don’t take care of ourselves we just might end up not reaching our destiny. We have got to take care of ourselves in order to be able to serve others well or achieve what we have set out to do.

    1. Hi,

      Thank you so much, you are so right. If we don’t take care of ourselves we just might end up not reaching our destiny.
      Thank you for the support.

      Much Love

  2. Interesting topic, you can say it again. The best relationship you can have is firstly the one you can have with yourself. Well done jabu

    1. Yes Didier, we need to take care of ourselves first. Much love.

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