My favourite beauty makeup products for May 2018


As we start a new month, I have shopped for my favourite makeup products that I really want to test. I love to shop for beauty products and cosmetics online. As we approach winter, I have decided to try out makeup products that will protect my skin during the cold season. Have found the best beauty products for your skin care. When it comes to cosmetic products, you must always shop for the right skin tone, you don’t have to break the bank to get professional beauty products.

M.A.C Studio Collection

Foundation Makeup

M.A.C Studio Collection has the best beauty product for winter skin care product. The STUDIO FIX FLUID SPF 15 for foundation makeup. For concealer, I am using the PRO LONGWEAR CONCEALER, for a full matte coverage that lasts longer. I have oily skin and it does not matter the season we in, I love the PRO LONGWEAR POWDER / PRESSED to help control my oily skin.

Mineral Bronzer

Face makeup

The best affordable mineral bronzer at Dischem beauty shop. I always finish my face makeup using a bronzer or face highlight concealer. I got my mineral bronzer on sale and it has been one of the best makeup product I have tested so far and yes, it does last longer.

Black Opal

skin care

Lip liners and eyeliners are a must for me. I loved the black Opals eyeliners for dramatic eyes, the products are good for sensitive skin. My friend bought me, Kylie cosmetic.  If you want a dramatic cat eyeliner, I will recommend it for you.

Makeup Brushes

Makup brushes

I buy my makeup brushes from different cosmetic beauty shops. When I buy cosmetic makeup brushes, I look for the softness, the brush quality and products used to produce the brush.

By Nomusa blog love sharing my favourite makeup products with my friends and I hope the above beauty products will give you an inspiration on what to buy for your winter skin care.

Please share with me some of your beauty products during the winter season. I would really love to try different cosmetic makeup for my next beauty post. Much love.

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  1. Busisiwe|

    Im obsessed with make up*so it would be really nyc if u would include the whats and whats not when t comes to makeup# love this post

    1. By Nomusa|

      @Busisiwe oh that’s a great idea dear. I love your suggestion and yes I will do a post in a near future based on that. Thank you so much for your input.

  2. I like this post Nomusa and will observe a moment of silence for it ???
    Beneath the Makeup and underneath the smile your are beautiful my dear. I know that people say that makeup help you look pretty on the outside but does not help on the inside but I know you and I can say , with you it’s does help …
    Keep it up Nomusa, yep, yep!!!????

    1. By Nomusa|

      @Alain thank you so much for this beautiful comment. Wow thank you so much ?

  3. Nomvelo|

    i am a no make up person, please teach me the tricks, l would love to know how to do a full face make up. Please do you-tube tutorials for us.

    1. By Nomusa|

      Hi @Pinkie yes that is the future plan for the beauty page. YouTube videos are coming soon.

  4. I also like Mac… it last for longer☺️?

    1. By Nomusa|

      @Amanda yes it does last longer and they have different shades for every skin color.

  5. Rebecca|

    Am not a fan of makeup but hey am tempted to try. Pls keep us updated

    1. By Nomusa|

      @Rebecca yes dear. Let me know what would you like me to try out especially for beginners.

    2. Nomzamo|

      Hey Rebecca, you should start with BB Cream, it’s idea for those who don’t like makeup or have “virgin faces”. It’s light and affordable which makes it ideal 🙂

      1. By Nomusa|

        Hi @Nomzamo, yeah that’s a great idea dear.

  6. Nomzamo|

    I have to say I love Bobby Brown makeup, I feel it’s really ideal for Black Woman. Be it the concealer, primer and long-lasting liquid foundation – they have it to a T! Winter tends to leave your skin feeling like it’s cracking at all places, I apply an eye cream or oil-based eye cream for the eyes and normal creme for the face. Your morning face will thank you for it meaning, less makeup application for the morning. I’ve also found that wearing BB Cream is a great alternative for those who are not too keen on Foundation, it’s light and affordable. The beauty range at Woolworths really caters for makeup lovers so why not try it out? Don’t forget your concealer and powder – it’s the final touches to any face 🙂

    1. By Nomusa|

      @Nomzamo wow that’s a great idea. Thank You so much for the feedback. I should really try the Woolworths makeup and do a review post on it. Bobbi Brown is my luxury go to look. You will never go wrong with it and yes it is a full coverage which what’s makes it the best. Thank you so much dear for the ideas.

      1. Nomzamo|

        You are welcome 🙂

  7. I would love to know more about this makeup store bcoz I want to recommend it to someone thank you indeed

    1. By Nomusa|

      @Didier you can check out the links on the posts and see if you can get affordable prices.

  8. I am not much a make-up fan as you know but I really fascinated about this blog. I’ve always had sensitive skin and was always self conscience about it. For the longest time I was afraid to use any beauty products to enhance my beauty but I grew up to feel more comfortable and came out of my shell. I learnt that you just simply need to understand your skin type and what products are suitable for you. I haven’t felt the need to buy any make-up for now but I sure will. I am currently using Eucerin products for winter as I have a combination skin type. Oh by the way I’ve seen the difference in your make-up and your eyebrows which I always compliment you on lol. It’s great improvement. Still waiting for you You Tube tutorials.

    1. By Nomusa|

      @Naledi this is valuable information. I know some people have sensitive skin and I would suggest Dermatologist before using any products. Thank you for noticing my eyebrows. I have been testing with the above products and I am loving it. YouTube videos are still on the process and I can’t wait to share it with you.

  9. I once bought the B.Vain mineral bronzer at Dischem but they no longer have it:(
    i really like this product, where can i get it??

    1. Try and get it on Dischem online. if they don’t have it, you can try with clicks. I am sure you can get a product similar to it. Much love.

  10. thanks for sharing such a nice topic and i say something when my friend suggested me to use makeup products of galway its really very good.

    1. Hi sneha,I will try and check it out dear

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