Basic Home-Exercising Equipment

Home-Exercising Equipment

Starting exercises at home can be a little bit challenging when you do not have the proper exercising equipment. YouTube has helped us so much with so many variations of exercises you can do at home, but you need the proper basic tools for it to be effective.

A lot of people cannot afford to pay monthly gym fees and classes in order to get healthy, it is important to always improvise in such situations. As a result, I have come up with the most basic exercising tools that can help you get back in shape, strengthen your core muscles while workout every other muscle in your body. So, read on and learn more about how you to get that great shape at home!

1.    Dumbbell Weights

Dumbbell weights exercising equipment

Strength training helps you sculpt your body in any shape you want and improve your physical activities. The is a misconception about women who lift the weight that they end up looking “too masculine”. This is far from the truth, weights help you determine the shape of your body. The decision is yours on whether you want to grow more muscles or just be lean.

5 Benefits of Dumbbell weights exercising equipment

•    Burn more calories with Dumbbell Weights

•    It helps reduce body fat

•    They help you gain strength

•    Improve body posture

•    Prevent back pain

2.    Yoga Mat

 Yoga Mat

If you need to stretch your body after a workout, or just lie down to clear your mind and don’t want any heavy equipment to carry, then the yoga mat is for you. Please see the below health benefits of having a yoga mat:

5 Benefits of using Yoga mat

•    Comfortable for meditation

•    A yoga mat is warm and comfortable than the floor

•    Improve balance and coordination

•    It is easier to carry around

•    Helps with your posture and balance

3.    Skipping Rope

Skipping Rope

The most fun equipment on the list is the skipping rope. You can make it fun by jumping around with your kids and family members. I normally create a fun challenge with my nephews so that I do not feel the burn during the exercise.

5 Benefits of using Skipping rope

•    Burns calories

•    Improves Cardiovascular health

•    It’s an inexpensive form of exercise

•    It improves bone density

•    Improves balance and footwork

4.    Ab Roller Wheel

Ab Roller wheel

If you want to strengthen your core and target your abs, the Ab roller wheel will come handy, you can build rock hard abs and lose belly fat with this challenging core workout equipment.

5 Benefits of an Ab Roller Wheel

•    Core muscles workout

•    Helps prevent lower back pain

•    Improves sport performance

•    It involves several muscles

•    It increases your stamina and improves balance.

5.    Water Bottle

Water bottle

Drinking water can help you with your muscle cramps during your exercises, it will lubricate your body joints. You also want to flush out toxins and improve your blood flow.

5 Benefits of a Water Bottle

•    It helps with dehydration

•    It comes in different sizes that are convenient for you.

•    You can use an environmental friend water bottle

•    You can put it in your refrigerator for colder temperature during summer

•    It is light to carry and you can jog around with it.

There are no excuses really for not exercising. If you cannot afford the gym membership, try and create your own gym at home by using the above inexpensive equipment and start choosing a healthy lifestyle. I cannot wait to hear about other affordable and convenient equipment you guys use. So, please comment below and do not forget to subscribe.

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  1. I like exercising with dumbbell weights for my upper body but I struggle with the lower body since I don’t have the equipment. But thanks to you Nomusa. I will check out other mentioned equipment.

    1. @Hlulani, yes please do. My struggle is reverse compared to yours. I need to build my core and work on my upper body. Thank you for the support at Hlulani

  2. ooh are they expensive
    Look great to exercise at home

    1. No dear, they very affordable depending on where you but them. 🤗

  3. i need that skipping rope and bottle

    1. I bought my skipping rope at game and it was so affordable. Bought the bottle at cotton on.

  4. That’s such an inspiring article, trust me, i totally support the idea. There must not be an excuse for becoming a member at a certain GYM, since you can provide yourself with the equipment at home. And yet this is the process i am going through. This article just reveals to me that i am on the right track. Keep it up and next time please try to mention this for us men as well.

    1. @Didier, that’s true. There is no excuse for not leaving a healthy lifestyle. I’m glad the article helped you so much because it is my intention to help people

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