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I have been collecting perfumes for the past year, it does not matter how affordable the scent of the perfume is, if it smells good, I am sold. I have managed to collect my favourite affordable scent of the perfume from places like Avon to Zara. I love my scent floral fruity and oriental. I have been testing different scent of the perfume using the fragrance wheel. You should try different scent of the perfumes to see which one you will enjoy. Below are my favourite affordable scent of the perfumes I have collected since January, I have been enjoying trying the different fragrances.

Zara Perfumes

I love my Zara affordable fragrance collection. I have been testing the Zara Fruity and Oriental collection this past season. I fell in love with the scents and it last longer. The perfumes are really affordable, I have bought mine for less than R300 at Zara Home.

Avon fragrance

Another choice you can try is to get the Avon Silky Soft Musk and the Body essence argan oil for Avroy Shlain. I love mixing the two perfumes for long last body essence smell. I believe a perfume should last you the whole day, Avon silky soft musk delivers just that, with the vanilla scent.

Avroy shlain

The Redd Pulse by Avroy Shlain has the woody oriental scent which is stronger than my normal scent. I use it when I am having a  busy day and when I am working out. The scent is stronger, you do not have to reapply it.

Love her madly

Love her madly breathless by Revlon has a soft fruity and soft oriental mixture. The scent is perfect for a day out and office wear. I love the Revlon fragrance collection because they accommodate different types of women.


Body essenceZara Oriental perfume

Please leave me a comment below on your favourite scent of perfume, it does not matter whether it’s budget perfume or luxury perfume. Which scent is your favourite and has been working for you. What would you recommend for me to try on? I would really love to hear your views.

Much love.

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  1. Gift Malaza|

    I love it well presented, organised and relevant

    1. By Nomusa|

      @Gift thank you dear. Yes I was was collecting relevant content for my post. I dont want my reader to read outdated content. Please suggest what would you like me to write about next time. Much love❤

  2. It’s a good thing to define yourself with great scents

    1. By Nomusa|

      @Amanda Yes, when you smell good, you build up the confidence within you. Much love dear. ?

  3. An invisible thing and yet unforgettable accessory, that’s what it is , I’ll never see myself out without a great scent of fragrance, it builds confidence, put a final touch of elegance, subtly underscore the look and details of Men and women. I like your post Nomusa, keep it up girl, can’t wait for the next post cause clear you ain’t gonna stop here.

    1. By Nomusa|

      @Alain oh yes. Believe me most women are attracted to a men’s scent. I love that you take the time to take care of yourself. Much love and thank you for the support. ❤?

      1. Amber-Lee|

        Totally agree. A man’s scent can make him much more attractive.

        A great scent is a clear indication that he takes care of himself.

  4. Gosh well said…I love the presentation and quality of pics ***Awesome***. When you smell good, you feel good!

    1. By Nomusa|

      @Lerato yes dear that is so true.

  5. I am currently using Kim Kardashian fleur fatale fragrance. You should try it out. It has a sweet rose smell. I prefer the sweet fragrances so I will certainly try out the Zane fruity fragrance. I am also a big fan of how a design of a bottle looks like. So if I love the scent and the design of a bottle I am sold.

    1. By Nomusa|

      I have never used it before, I should try it out. You are so right the bottle does matter. You should try the Zara fruity fragrance.

  6. Amber-Lee|

    So after reading your blog, which is very interesting, as well as after checking out the scent wheel, I can confidently say that I am a floral, fruity and fresh kind of girl.

    I am interested in two fragrances right now;

    Elizabeth Arden’s White Tea which is a very soft yet powerful fresh and floral scent. Perfect for a day out.

    Then there is Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle. Sweet and fruity, perfect for a night out.

    1. By Nomusa|

      @Amber-Lee I love Elizabeth Arden is affordable and very convenient for a busy day. I have not tried out the Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle. I should try out

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